Did the bats chew their way into my home?

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Do the bats chew their way in to my house?

The bats most likely did not create their way inside of your building. They normally go in preexisting holes of your building. How these holes get there could be many reasons such as other animals creating their way in like squirrels, birds, raccoons, etc. Another way the holes and gaps may have gotten there could be weather damage or just old age of the building its self, slowly warping and shifting over time. Another possible and common reason why there is a gap in your home is due to new roofs being put on, or other work done to the house and was not completely finished. Like a vent not properly being sealed or screens not added to vents, drip edges or flashing not completely screwed or nailed to the building, even ridge caps not buttoned down properly, all of these are possible reasons as to why there is an entry point that allows access into your building and it should be taken care of with a bat removal. A bat removal is a process of kicking that bats out of your building. Our process of a bat removal is installing a device that allows the bats to leave, and to not return. Another part of the bat removal process is to bat proof your building, sealing any gap or hole that a bat could fit itself inside of. We give it a minimum of 72 hours after the bat removal was done to allow every bat to leave the building.

For a bat removal in any of the following cities:

Fitchburg, Madison, Middleton, Monona, Stoughton, Sun Prairie, Verona, Belleville, Black Earth, Blue Mounds, Brooklyn, Cambridge, Cottage Grove, Cross Plains, Dane, Deerfield, DeForest, Maple Bluff, Marshall, Mazomanie, McFarland, Mount Horeb, Oregon, Rockdale, Shorewood Hills, Waunakee, Albion, Berry, Black Earth, Blooming Grove, Blue Mounds, Bristol, Burke, Christiana, Cottage Grove, Cross Plains, Dane, Deerfield, Dunkirk, Dunn, Madison, Mazomanie, Medina, Middleton, Montrose, Oregon, Perry, Pleasant Springs, Primrose, Roxbury, Rutland, Springdale, Springfield, Sun Prairie, Vermont, Verona, Vienna, Westport, Windsor, York

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